MIDNIGHT OIL : overdose

Midnight oil é para mim a melhor banda que já apareceu.
Fui nos 2 shows que tiveram no Brasil, e se tiver mais um estarei lá de novo.
Não vou dizer mais nada…
OUVE AI>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Midnight Oil
Peter Garrett Vocals
Rob Hirst Drums
Jim Moginie Guitar/Keyboards
Bones Hillman Bass
Martin Rotsey Guitar


(Midnight Oil)
The Breakfast Creek hotel is up for sale
The last square mile of terra firma gavelled in the mail
so farewell to the Norfolk Island pines
No amount of make believe can help this heart of mine
End – your dreamworld is just about to end
Fall – your dreamworld is just about to fall
Yours dreamworld will fall
So shut that buckle and turn that key again
Take me to a place they say the dreaming never ends
Open wide drive that mystery road
Walk through eden’s garden and then wonder as you go
Sign says honymoon to rent
Cloudland into dreamland turns
The sun comes up and we all learn
Those wheels must turn

gosto pouco>>e tem mais:


I know that the sunset empire shudders and shakes
I know there’s a floodgate and a raging river
I say see the silence of the ribbons of iron and steel
I say hear the punch drunk huddle drive hammer and wheel
Sometimes you’re beaten to the call
Sometimes you’re taken to the wall
But you don’t give in
I know that the cannibals wear smart suits and ties
I know they arm wrestle on the altar
I say don’t leave your heart in a hard place
Sometimes you’re shaken to the core
Sometimes the face is gonna fall
But you don’t give in


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