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Shane Dorian – Jaws:

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The Best Wave of Shane Dorian’s Life

Imagine if Babe Ruth told you about his greatest home run. Or Joe Montana described the best pass he’d ever thrown. Imagine, for a moment, that Hugh Hefner recalled the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. You’d be rapt, wouldn’t you? Because if those guys are claiming, “best ever,” then it is something truly special. And so when Shane Dorian walks us through the greatest wave he’s ever caught in his life, we should set aside 3 minutes and 47 seconds to listen. And watch. In this clip, Dorian gives us the play-by-play of a 50-foot barrel he rode at Jaws a few months ago. The situation: just trying to get a small one in. The drop:perfectly clean — until the giant boil. The claim: not even halfway through. It was a perfect wave that only he could have surfed so perfectly, and we’re lucky to have a great share his greatest moment.

Ontem no Hawaii…

October 9, 2012 Jaws, Peahi, Shane Dorian getting Barreled!

Galera, abandonei tbm….até segunda….


Danilo Couto, após pegar uma morra em Jaws e concorrer ao Billabong XXLO, chamou Shane Dorian para a próxima seção e o gringo pegou uma morra e tornou-se o principal concorrente do Danilo.

Isso é surf!!!

e olha a do Danilo:

acho que ele leva o premio por terminar a onda…

Shane Dorian, esse sabe tudo de ondas grandes…

During Shane Dorian’s first-ever morning at Maverick’s, the Hawaiian demonstrates that he knows how to make a big drop and pull in. An entry in the Ride of the Year category of the Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards. For more event info see and join our Facebook fan site at…

Shane Dorian x Teahupo

essa onda do Shane Dorian foi muito comentada na época, se vê-la já é impressionante, imagina em camera lenta:

Shane Dorian

Mais do que uma homenagem, dois vídeos sensacionais desse grande surfista.

Primeiro o Layback do ano:

Segundo o Billabong XXL Monster Tube:

And Pipeline:

Com Tubo do tamanho do ônibus.