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American Wave Machines….

Olha oque estão construindo….e a tecnologia para fazer a onda, no video, impressiona….

American Wave Machines

AWM is the leader in artificial wave technology for surf parks and wave pools with an innovative approach to creating world class waves for surfing in pools.

PerfectSwell™ technology is an entirely new approach to generating large waves with the emphasis on creating an opportunity for an authentic surfing experience outside of the ocean. An infinite variety of customized waves can be generated that mimic points, reefs and beach breaks without the need for special bottom contours.

American Wave Machines PerfectSwell™ capabilities include:

– Create up to 10 barreling waves per minute.

– Any wave size, type and shape whether it’s soft rollers for beginners or clean hollow barrels and timed aerial closeout sections for the pro’s.

– Compatible with the Wave App: Imagine calling up your favorite wave from the shore with your iPad or from your board with your iPhone — gentle or hollow, small or large. PerfectSwell™ is the next generation of artificial wave pools.

Made for a man

uns fazem gols com as mãos de Deus, outros fazem ondas com as mãos do Homem…

brincadeirinha gostosa, ja tive a oportunidade e parece facil, mas não é…